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All Phillips Solutions network technicians are Microsoft certified professionals. We strive to stay at the top of the IT field and offer hassle free network environments. Let us bulletproof your business network today.




Frequently Asked Questions?

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  1. How do I order a custom computer from Phillips Solutions ?
  2. How long does it take to get my custom computer/server after I order it from PS?
  3. What kind of inventory management solutions do you provide?
  4. How long has PS been in business?
  5. What counties do you support?
  6. Do you offer remote support?

How do I ... ?

[You can either call us or email us. We will be glad to assist you]

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Where can I find ... ?

[It usually takes approximately three business days to receive your custom computer. File server generally take one week.]

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Why doesn't ... ?

[Phillips Solutions offer Windows based Barcode management systems that can be taylored for any business. Please contact us for more information.]

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Who is ... ?

[Phillips Solutions has been in business for over 15 years and has been in the Athens, GA area all of that time.]

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What is ... ?

[Phillips Solutions has clients that fall under monthly support contracts in Banks, Madison, Clarke, Newton, Walton, Elbert, Oglethorpe, Rockdale and Hart counties. But we support all the counties surrounding Athens/Clarke County and handle custom networking installations and inventory systems in any state. We know it doesn't pan out to have us support your network if we are not close enough to do so. But if you want the best network installation possible give us a call. Even if we cannot support you we can install your Server/Network in any state and help you find local support to maintain it.]

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When is ... ?

[Yes, with the high-speed internet services we have today we can offer remote support for our clients. Many small issues or network problems are worked out remotely without ever having to send a technician on-site.]

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