About Us

Phillips Solutions works hand in hand with Structured Technologies, Inc. to bring you communications and network solutions.


We also rely on Diversicon, Inc. to provide industry leading software and database programming so we can offer everyone the ultimate solutions for any business need.




About Phillips Solutions, Inc.

Phillips Solutions, Inc. was started by Jonathan Phillips of Hull Georgia in 1994 and has progressively grown since. The ability to offer computer related services and hardware at a reasonable price and with the best turn around time in the business, has helped in making Phillips Solutions Inc. Grow and become stable with minimal advertisement. Most jobs are referred by word of mouth. This is how we like to work. We want our customers to come back year after year and refer their friends. We understand that the only way a business can truly thrive in today's world is to deliver the best quality of service possible. Therefore we treat all our clients as family.

Since the beginning in 1994 Phillips Solutions has become a well known company with strong Christian and moral beliefs. We believe that honesty and perseverance goes a long ways with our clients and keeps them coming back.